Kiln Dried Firewood

Kiln Dried Firewood Delivered in Pembrokeshire

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Sustainable Welsh Timber

We are proud to tell you that all of our Firewood is produced from Sustainably managed Welsh woodlands. The majority of which is harvested by ourselves. We pride ourselves in managing & improving woodlands for future generations to enjoy.

All of our Firewood is proccessed at our timber yard, then Kiln Dried to below 20% moisture content.

This ensures you receive the very best dry woodfuel for a clean efficent burn.

Kiln Dried Kindling

Clean & easy to light

£5.00 (Per net)

Eco Firelighters

Clean & odur free. Made from natural wood shavings dipped in wax.

£5.60 (Box of 50)

Bulk Bag

Free delivery in Pembrokeshire & West Carmarthenshire.

Softwood £72.00
Hardwood £96.00

Net of Logs

Convenient & easy to handle, our netted logs are ideal if you have limited storage space.

Softwood £5.50
Hardwood £7.00

1.5 Cubic Metre (Half Truck)

 1.5 cubic metre load (approx)

Free delivery in Pembrokeshire & West Carmarthenshire.

Softwood £170.00
Mixed Wood £195.00
Hardwood £218.00

3 Cubic Metre (Full Truck)

 3 cubic metre load (approx)

Free delivery in Pembrokeshire & West Carmarthenshire.

Softwood £318.00
Mixed Wood £374.00
Hardwood £419.00

Pembrokeshire Log Candle

  • Kiln dried and easy to light.
  • Prefect for any outdoor event adding atmosphere and warmth.
  • Instant campfire/BBQ.  
  • Made from sustainable local timber.
  • Small candles average burn time is 2 hours
  • Large candles average burn time 4 hours.

Small (25cm) £9.00
Medium (50cm) £15.00
Large (70cm) £20.00

Prices are collected from our yard, delivery is avaliable.

Landscaping Woodchip

 Brillant to keep those weeds down or tidy up borders. 

High quality, sustainably sourced.

Free delivery when you order two or more.

Bulk bag £60

Larger quantites & Loose loads available.

Firewood FAQ

Click one of the frequently asked questions below for further information.

This means they have been force dried in a kiln, rather than leaving the wood to season naturally.

By using our purpose built drying kiln, powered using waste wood from our production process, we can guarantee that all our logs are dried to well below 20% moisture content.

Consistently dry = consistently more heat.

Free delivery throughout Pembrokeshire and West Carmarthenshire (on all orders over £85) See delivery map.

All our timber is sourced from sustainably managed Woodlands within West Wales, most of which is harvested by ourselves.

Our hardwood logs typically contain a mix of Ash, Beech and Oak, which are long lasting and provide excellent heat output.

Softwood; A mix of Larch, DF, Spruce. Good heat output not suitable for open fires.