Firewood in Pembrokeshire seasoned logs in Pembrokeshire from Atheston Firewood, Narberth  

Atheston Firewood for Pembrokeshire

We supply seasoned logs all year round, all the timber we use is from local woodlands.
By sourcing all of our timber locally we can be sure that our logs provide you with a carbon neutral fuel that has traveled minimal distances.

We supply Hardwood or Softwood, which is cut and split, then left to air dry in crates, various sizes are available.
Freshly felled timber contains 50-60% moisture, burning wet logs produces little heat as most of the energy is used up evaporating moisture from the log. Seasoned wood has already lost this moisture so the energy is used to heat up your house rather than going up the chimney.
Logs are seasoned for a minimum of 12 months which brings the moisture content to around 25% or less.

We sell by volume in loose cubic metres, various load sizes are available to suit your needs. All loads are delivered on a tipper truck, they are loose tipped at your desired location.

Firewood processor used to cut and split seasoned logs Cut logs drying in crates for next seasons firewood
Firewood Processor - Cutting and Splitting of Logs Logs drying in our purpose built drying kiln, fuelled using only waste wood. This allows us to consistently reduce the moisture content to below 20%

Our Firewood Prices 2021

Kiln Dried Firewood - Guaranteed average moisture content of 20% or below.

Firewood Nets
1 Cubic Metre Firewood Bag

Firewood Nets (collected prices)

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs = £6 each*
Kiln Dried Softwood Logs = £4.50 each*

Nets of Kindling (collected prices)

Kindling = £4 per net*

*Delivery charge may apply. Min order value for free delivery is £100.

1 Cubic Metre Bag Firewood

Kiln Dried Hardwood = £120
Kiln Dried Softwood = £90


Bulk Bags

Kiln Dried Hardwood Bulk Bag = £85
Kiln Dried Softwood Bulk Bag = £55


1.5 Cubic metre load of seasoned firewood
3 Cubic metre load of seasoned logs and firewood

1.5 Cubic Metre Load Firewood

Kiln Dried Hardwood = £170
Kiln Dried Softwood = £130

3 Cubic Metre Load Firewood

Kiln Dried Firewood =£320
Kiln Dried Mixed = £280
Kiln Dried Softwood = £250

All prices include 5% VAT & FREE local delivery | Delivered 7 days a week

To Order Your Firewood Call 01834 860387 or 07771 515530

Our Guarantee

No quibble satisfaction guarantee, we want you to be satisfied with our product, any problems at all please make sure you let us know and if necessary we will refund or offer you a replacement delivery.


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